Who Says Marriage Is Dead?

I seriously wonder whether we Christians need to relax on this issue as it’s expressed in our depraved culture. Case in point: the work of several popular song writers. Andy Grammar has a nice little ditty called Fine By Me, the catch line of which is “It’s fine by me if you never leave.” Sounds like marriage to me! In fact, the opening line is “You’re not the type of girl to remain with the guy, with the guy too shy, too afraid to say he’ll give his heart to you forever.” Even John Mayer, in his single I Won’t Give Up, seems to extol the beauty and intimacy of lifelong relationships, declaring “I know we’re worth it!”

So gird yourself up, Christian. Even our modern pagan minstrels cannot help but extol the glories of lifelong love between one man and one woman. And if they can’t help themselves, you can be sure that your neighbors can’t either.

So the next time someone tries to shove same sex relationships down your throat, tell them to listen to Andy Grammar and call you in the morning.


2 thoughts on “Who Says Marriage Is Dead?

    • No doubt true about all celebrities. But the song speaks to something, otherwise no one would have wrote or produced it. And I think it speaks to the best part of monogamy that everyone (if they’re honest with themselves) at some level yearns for.

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