Depoliticize and Realize?

After reading this piece at the Mises Institute last night, I have a confession to make: I have often thought about no longer voting.

[Gasp?] Yes, you read that correctly. Oh how I must be so much lower in your eyes!

But hear me out. First of all, I haven’t actually done it yet. Second, and most importantly, my contemplation of doing so rests primarily on some very inconvenient truths, not my own irascibility. For example, the arena of political discourse tends to reduce the level of discussion on any particular issue, not elevate it. So why add my voice to a cacophony of fools? Additionally, the reality of American politics is that parties and candidates are constantly fighting over a small bandwidth of voters. As long as I allow myself to become one more “Christian” voter, the Republicans can automatically count me as part of their base, and my vote thereby becomes meaningless because it’s already been counted. Lastly, electing any particular candidate proves ineffectual, at least in term of recent history, for accomplishing anything other than the spending of money and the making of war. It seems to me more and more that I, and most other Christians, would do much better to find solutions to the problems we see in society by cooperating with those with whom we have common cause rather than campaigning for some politician whom we hope will legislate biblical morality and crown Christianity as our de facto national religion.

I’ll admit that Mr. Mauzy is rather over-the-top in his rhetoric, perhaps even sounding anarchist. But in the Constitutional context of limited government, isn’t he right?


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