5 Things I Learned From Steve Jobs

1.  $8 billion cannot buy health: at some level you either have it or you don’t.

2.  The world is not just.  Mr. Jobs is dead while Dick Cheney lives on.  How did that happen?
3.  Speaking the truth doesn’t just make people hate you; it also makes them respect you.  Some of Mr. Jobs’ most loyal friends and colleagues were people he had grievously offended.  Brace yourself!
4.  Steve Jobs was adopted, therefore abortion is stupid.  It sounds harsh, I know, but you can’t say I didn’t warn you (see #3).  How many Steven Jobs have we lost since Roe v. Wade?
5.  There is great wisdom in living as though you won’t make it past 50.  Like Steve, you’ll probably get a few extra years.  But more importantly, it will compel you to spend your best years reaching your highest potential.  Steve Jobs didn’t believe in heaven as far as I could tell.  I do.  But what both Mr. Jobs and I would both agree on is that, regardless of where we’re all headed, this particular life happens only once.  And it is painfully short.  The prospect of dying when my kids are in college or graduate school isn’t particularly exciting.  But it does help me make the most of my life today.

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